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Comments from our guests:

"I am impressed with how carefully everything is done, both style and crafts. I have traveled a lot for work and seen a lot. Nothing bad to say. Just great!"

"Very beautiful place (scenic). Personnel suited to the task as it should be in such a nice and good location. Thank you for a very nice time here and I want to come back. Much thanks."

"Nothing to complain on, I think. Has been with you several times. Many have been skeptical before, but had a very different, positive perception when they returned home. Completely different environment than other conference places. Incredible staff, shows that there are athletes who can improvise. The only negative about it, if you are many on the island it may be limited resources in terms of toilet and shower (said by some of our workers, but overall the best conference we have had in several years). Thanks for a very pleasant stay!"

"Nothing to complain about. Absolutely perfect setting for us and for many others, like management teams consisting of little more mature, nature interested people. Continue on the path you have embarked., I recommend you when I meet colleagues in the industry."

"Fantastic! So 'planned' everywhere - outside - rooms - toilet - porcelain - raft - hut mm, Very 'professionally! Good luck with everything! Billan & Erik staff are very nice people!"

"I am a representative for a pharmaceutical company and has seen a lot in terms of experience, industry and homes. Kungsholmen is among the best I have seen! Care and detail that you seem to care about is your great advantage. Then you have a unique accommodation."

"The good thing is that you relax better in this environment than in an ordinary conference. You are on the island and it makes you feel safe (the same as on a boat. Nobody can get off, but everyone is still on board)"