About us

In 1988 Erik and Billan bought Kungsholmen, which was the same year Erik ended his career as a skier, but Billan continued through the 1995th. For some years they also had summer camps for youth ski which good, because then they could use Kungsholmens all rooms (21 rooms with 43 beds). Their conference activities began with a request to come and eat dinner, that was the start of Kungsholmens Spa & Konferans.

Merits of ski trails
Bragd gold 1987
Jerring Prize 1987
Sportswoman of the year 1987
World Cup gold 1987
World Championship silver 1991
World Championship relay gold 1987
World Championships bronze relay 1987
World Championships bronze relay 1995
SM medals of all time
  Gold Silver Bronze
Billan 19 6 4
Mora-Nisse 17 4 4
Sixten Jernberg 15 4 7
Marie Risby 11 10 6
Assar Rönnlund 13 7 3

In 1873th 16 June, King Oscar II was on his way to Trondheim in Norway. When he passed a small island in Ljusnan outside Segersta, was classy men set on the beach and saluted with their boat hooks. It impressed the king who asked the captain what the island was named. The answer was: "In the 1700s it was called Garpholmen, but now it's called the Måsholmen ..."

Then said Oscar II

"This island will for now on be called Kungsholmen"

Kungsholmen was more than 100 years a home for raftsmen. Skiljet was only 200 meters away. In 1934 it worked 265 man floating. In 1937, it passed 27,641,880 which mean almost 28 million logs, which was a record. Today is completely different events on Kungsholmen ...